Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hubbell Heroes comic book style Illustration

As you might tell from these consecutive posts, I have to change gears quite often from project to project. Always keeps things interesting and challenging. That’s how I like it. Going from a highly detailed corporate Info graphic to a comic book style illustration, to a city seal is a perfect example. This particular project for Sage Creative and their client, Hubbell Power Systems, is a good “illustration” (no you-know-what intended) of how my line of work always requires constant education. Not just staying on top of techniques and applications of particular approaches to style, but also constantly learning something new about a company, for instance, and their product line(s.) The variety of products Hubbell manufactures are all around us every day and usually go unnoticed, until the power goes out, or a balloon drifts off course and lands, ouch, in the tangled land of power lines. I’m not sure I could pass a test on specific products they make like bushings, reclosures, transformers, arrestors, enclosures, insulators, or anchors and foundations, but, I sure have a bit more appreciation for what goes into making and maintaining them. This illustration in the style of a comic book was used in an employee team building exercise. The speech balloons are left intentionally blank, to be filled in by team members. Each super hero was created with a specific skill relating to the repair and maintenance of Hubbell products. Thanks to Russell Rivers and Kay-Lynn Czarnecki at Sage Creative Group.

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