Wednesday, October 31, 2012

“Haunt” for Illustration Friday

Recognize any of these cast of characters from popular American paranormal/ghost shows? The two from top and bottom are the seasoned ghost shows, while the middle is newer. Still loving “Paper” iPad app. Just updated today with a mixer color area and a much needed color palette where you can save colors. Still love the feel of the ink pen together with the water color brush. Can build up color sketches really fast. Over the last months, I’ve been sketching while watching TV. Ghost and paranormal shows are great for the variety of expressions presented. I hope I’ve captured some of those and still kept the feel loose and spontaneous marks. I think that’s what I like about “Paper.” It forces you to just dive in. Simple, uncluttered interface.
If I don’t dig what I’m working on, I quickly create a new page and move on.
Happy Halloween Yall!

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