Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Robot Cowboys

 This week’s Illustration Friday topic is “Robot,” so, what better (easier) way for me to break my woeful drought of non-posting than post up a few Robot cowboy sketches I have going in my “Paper” app on my iPad. Like I am sure I have posted before, I love the intuitive and spontaneous way I can draw-- with color in Paper. I also love the loose, watercolor and ink style it provides. I always challenge myself to just go for it, work quickly and directly without thinking too too much. It’s fun to see what lurks in your surface- subconscious! It’s also easy to organize my sketches by subject in individual virtual sketchbooks, so I don’t have to think too long about how to file them. Also, it’s easy to move them around to different sketchbooks, or even duplicate drawings to work in a different or experimental direction. Looks like a new competitor is in town though,
(cue the woo woo wooooo) Western movie gunfight soundtrack. It’s called “flipink” and, even though at first sight it seems to be an unabashed ripoff of “Paper,” it does offer a few things Paper does not, like opacity sliders for most every tool, including the ink pen. I have not quite put it through the full ringer of tests yet, but, look forward to trying it out further.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Power of Introverts

While preparing for a sketch notes project at a recent conference, I did a few warm up/practice sketches from TED talks I found on YouTube. This is a particularly insightful talk from Susan Cain on the power of Introverts. She began the talk describing how she arrived at her first  summer camp carrying a suitcase full of books. Interesting statistical points as well.