Friday, February 27, 2015

Goodbye Funky, Fantastic, Fascinating, Freaky(?) February!

Having a “This Date in History” Calendar can be interesting. I wasn’t sure I’d be into it this year because last year it was a “Quote a Day” calendar and, at most, a quote is no longer than a couple of sentences, and the “Historical” variety is a lot of tiny type crammed onto a little day calendar page. Not something I thought I’d always be into reading early in the morning while my eyes were still adjusting. However, I’ve ended up spending the little extra time, and squinting, to read them, and I’ve found that my birthday month is quite fascinating. Or should I say Funky?...or Fantastic, or even Freaky? This art started out as a quick sketch of Abe and George and evolved into a whole little, (if not busy,) spot illustration. Can you find 13 fun, February facts eluded to here? Hint: the baseball represents two birthdays (yes, of ├╝ber famous baseball players,) and the syringe represents two world changing medical discoveries. The others are pretty obvious. Except maybe that thing on Abe's head. It might remind you of a character from an old classic movie based on a book series. Hope you had as fun and interesting February as I had!