Monday, April 23, 2012


Heights for this week's Illustration Friday. As usual, or maybe to say, as more often than not, the best way for me to dive right in is just go with what first comes to mind.
This week was no exception. I'm not even quite sure exactly what the big eared critter in the balloon is, maybe a little aussie blue pup, just with a lighter coat. Could be the beginning of a fun little story. Created again, mostly, in Procreate app.

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Bu-bba! Bu-bba! Bu-bba!

A quick Bubba caricature from my iPad
WAY TO GO BUBBA! Congrats to Bubba Watson on his 2012 Masters victory. My younger brother was lucky enough to get a last minute call to join some friends with passes for the final round on Sunday. We were all excited for him because he's a huge UGA (U of Georgia) fan and graduate and knew he would be cheering on Bubba. (Who played his college golf at UGA.) Much to our delight, Bubba wins the whole enchilada! I got to see his final approach shot to the last playoff green just as I walked in the door from being back in Atl. for Easter. Wow! What a shot! That shot deserved to win him the tournament, and fortunately, he did. Anyway, I haven't posted a caricature in a while, and thought this would make the perfect time.This ones for YOU Dave! Here's a great link to "9 Things You Never Knew About Bubba Watson." Inspiring, funny stuff:

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


“Vocal” for this week’s Illustration Friday. Don’t get me wrong, I like to yell a bit at my spectator sporting events of choice, however, some sports just don’t seem to lend themselves to loud outbursts, in my humble opinion. Take for instance golf. Now, although, I or one of my golfing buddies may scream bloody murder at a missed (or made) shot while on the local public course, I find it a bit odd that certain spectators at professional events like to yell after (and sometimes during) the swing of every player that passes thru.
(Or that they choose to “stalk” thru the round.) Note to screamers: If a professional golfer is on the PGA tour, they already KNOW they’re the “man.”
BTW. Congrats to an amazing victory at The Masters this week for regional area favorite, Bubba Watson. Hmmm. I should do a caricature of him. It's been a while since I posted one.

Monday, April 2, 2012


Not sure where this idea came from. Turned out a bit more “editorial,” than intended. Matter of fact, I hadn't intended it to be editorial at all. I actually gave momma bird-of-prey a bit of a tiny smile, albeit, smirk, because she looked too off-put with the original downturn of the corner of her beak-mouth. Looked way too gloomy. Like I said, I don't know from whence this idea cometh, because I maybe eat at said represented gastro-establishment once a year, max, if that. Anyway, interpret to your hearts content! Let me know what you think. Onward and upwards, french fry eatin' birds o' prey!