Thursday, January 31, 2013

“Valentine’s are NOT for Me,” now on Amazon!

Valentines are NOT for Me, by Charles Akins

Finally published my FIRST official e-book, written and illustrated by moi. “Valentines are NOT for Me.” I was inspired by a friend’s recent success of two of his Holiday books, so lit a fire under myself and jumped on something for the next "holiday:" St. Valentine’s. Since I tend to write naturally rhyming, it ended up being a rhyming, cartoon picture-poem. I wrote it one day and began sketching the next. All told, it took about two full weeks, including time to figure the best format and method of compilation for Kindle “.mobi” files. I learned a lot, and am proud that something I have wanted to do for quite a while is finally complete. I also loved the total creative freedom of the process. Thanks very much to Julie Olson, a.k.a "" Her simple, and straightforward tutorial on building a book for Kindle, e-bub, and PDF was a huge help! This is the direct link to the e-book on Amazon: Valentines are NOT for Me by Charles Akins. I just wish I could edit the “Look Inside” feature to add the other couple of images I want. Oh well, the best part is, that I am learning and earning. Oh yeh, it looks great on iPad or even a computer. Here are some links for downloading FREE Kindle reader apps for many platforms. iPad and iPhone Kindle Reader apps.
Other devices, including Mac, PC, Blackberry, etc.
Cheers! If you buy it, you will have warmed my Valentine heart! (P.S. guess who just happened to have been born Valentine’s Day?) If you liked it and made nice (constructive, informative, enlightening) comments, and then told many friends, and so on, and so on, and so on, even better! Spread the LOVE!