Thursday, October 25, 2012

City of Norcross Official Seal

Designing an official city seal can be a challenge. Knowing in advance that it will be used at a size of 1.5 inches square, and embossed, makes for some unique design considerations. Working with Susan Wuerzner, the City Clerk and HR Manager, I believe we met the challenge of combining “official mark,” and decorative, but serious, and functional, to come up with an equitable seal. As you can see from the image containing some of the initial rough sketches, I was striving to explore some variety and break from the traditional circular symmetry. Although the final art ended up being more traditional, and symmetrical, I was pleased with the final result. The cap “N” was suggested by Norcross Mayor, Bucky Johnson, and ties in with a cap N used on signage throughout the city. Thanks to Alan at K├╝lla Publishing / Alpha Graphics in Suwanee, Georgia for the referral.

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