Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Turkey Day USA

I know it isn’t officially US Thanksgiving yet,
but, with travel coming up etc. I thought I would go ahead and send pre-turkey day greetings.
Watch out gobblers! Your tan-vanity may get ya cooked!

Monday, November 22, 2010


Sneaky is this week’s Illustration Friday subject. Maybe this idea came to mind having seen countless Tom and Jerry cartoons growing up. I imagine the dog, a few seconds forward will be recoiling with a Homer Simpson sized double take. Dooooh! I’m sure dogs somewhere still eat those big calf bones too! Somewhere, but, not in gourmet dog food advert land.
Sneaky little devil

Better Nate Than Lever so to speak...

Only a week “late!” Did not get to last Friday’s Illustration Friday assignment until today, while working on this week’s “IF.” Sometimes watching my favorite college or pro football team really gets my blood boiling. I think that today, with all of the different camera angles and super super slow mo, it just seems like the viewer can see waaaay better than that elderly ref or official with coke bottle glasses and advanced macular degeneration. Anyways, I guess thats why this image came to mind under the premise of the given subject: “Burning.” Hang onto those peanuts!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Didn’t get around to the Illustration Friday till the day before the next Friday,
but, at least I got to it. The theme this week is “afterwards.” Something tells me that’s not water in that glass.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Ever felt “S p e n t ?”

That's “Ess-Pee-EE-Eun-Tee” for all you fellow Southerners.
That’s DOG tired!
Anyway, Illustration Friday (on a Monday for me this week) posted the theme “spent,” sent in by Misterhow. I’m glad I had the chance to ruminate on this one, because I liked how it turned out. My first thought was something involving a man, shopping with his wife in the middle of the Holiday season. Then, after I completed this instead, I realized that this is probably more spot on. Whereby I am represented by the dog. I digress. More than likely it was a subconscious depiction of how I felt the other day after an early season allergy-sinus-nasal-event-thing. Ugh. Hope ya like it!