Friday, June 29, 2012

ReFresh it up

Wow, the importance of getting enough sleep is never more apparent than when you aren't getting enough. Sometimes I wish I was like that little battery. Just plug me in overnight and I'm juiced and ready for the next day! “Refresh” for Illustration Friday. Dang. I just realized that it's STILL Friday. It's been a while since I actually did the I.F. on F. T.G.I.F! O.M.G! P.D.Q! A.S.A.P! L.O.L! B.F.D!


  1. Fantastic! Lovely interpretation of the topic Refresh... nice work!

  2. Love it! I also wish that I was a little battery! It can be so hard for me to relax and go to sleep some nights..

  3. Haha! Wonderful idea and execution. Nicely done!