Thursday, March 29, 2012

Flood-ed, or, er, swamped

A little revenge for the ducks I guess. This is the first thing that came to mind for “Flood-ed, or, er, swamped” for my Illustration Friday entry this week. Not sure where it comes from as usual, but, I think that’s a good thing. The subconscious is much more interesting and possibly revealing than the expected, or obvious, first conscious, literal idea. One of my biggest motivations for keeping a blog, as a professional illustrator and designer, is that I always have an outlet for pure creative freedom. I created this fairly quickly on my iPad 2 using Adobe Ideas (the latest version with the eyedropper tool, yay! finally!) then, took into Photoshop on my mac for quick finishing.


  1. Haha! love it! you have a very cool style :)

  2. Really cute!! Love their expressions - both the thwarted fox & the jeering ducks!