Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Some Dads really go all-out for their bambinos.
I imagine the dude inside the contraption is an old buddy that helped Dad build the whatchamacallit, and now has been given the task, albeit begrudgingly, of driving the engines.
This was from an old sketchbook. I took it into ArtRage for the iPad
to colorize. Still getting used to the different way of looking at an iPad, not as a computer, but as a electronic device, as it relates to file transfers back and forth. (Which can be frustrating.) As well as the limitations back and forth of some software iPad apps. Still learning my way around the iPad, but having a blast doing so!


  1. hahaha,I love the whatmacallit. this is so awesome !

  2. This is so fun Charles! love your imagination and style! SWEEEEET!

  3. Reminds of me of something Dr. Suess would dream up. Nice work.

  4. Thanks Yall! If I were halfway mechanically inclined and owned a giant gyroscope, I might just attempt to make one my own self.