Wednesday, March 16, 2011


OK, so I remembered this week's Illustration Friday topic incorrectly. It was supposed to be "Stir," and I remembered it as "Swirl." Well, at least I got around to doing SOMETHING. A last gasp for Ole' Man Winter. It IS Spring after all. I HAVE already had an "Oh, good thing I went around changing all the clocks in the house yet still found a way to be late to an appointment because the ONE clock I did not set to SPRING forward was the one I ACTUALLY LOOK AT ALL DAY" moment. Oh well, tomorrow's St. Pattys. We'll ALL be swirlin' then by golly. "Once you reach the summit, you can see the land of banana splits, and chocolate parfaits."


  1. This is fabulous. I love your interpretation. It stirs up the imagination for sure even if it is "swirly." Just got back from skiing so I am loving your illo.

  2. Thanks, Cindy!
    Hope you had a good time skiing. (Skiing on a giant soft serve ice cream cone is about as close to skiing as we down south!)

  3. Hmm, suddenly have an urge for a scoop of vanilla! Great work!