Tuesday, May 1, 2012

JUMP little kitty!

Jump! for Illustration Friday. I couldn't resist. My first little “animated” Illustration Friday entry. I read this week's subject: “Jump,” and immediately thought of an experiment in “squash and stretch” bouncing motion in the “Animation HD” app on my ipad. Weeeeeee!
Yahoooooo! Just insert your own “boing!” sound effect. Enjoy. (And I guess he lost his tail whilst doing all that jumping!)


  1. This guy is so much fun!! I don't know if its because I'm overtired from working on my illustration til 1am or not, but I just couldn't stopwatching him! Over and over...boing, boing......

  2. thanks mit!
    the "do it yourself" sound effects are fun too!

  3. So cute ><
    It's very cool that you made an animation !!!!

  4. thanks yall. i'll have to post some more over time.

  5. Cute cat! Definitely a great job with the squash and stretch. (And yes, I'm totally adding the boing boing sound effect.)