Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A very capable Banjo-Pig-Ant

Wow! Time's fun when you're havin' flies! It's been too too long since my last post! Father forgive me... it's been month's since my last post... “Forty Lashes!!!”...... Nooooo! I digress. The Holidays were crazy busy. Then I moved my studio December 31st. So, I think I am just about settled fully back in. I think Illustration Friday decided I no longer existed, because I stopped getting their e-mails. Oh well, I deserved it. I digress yet again.
Anyway.. The Illustration Friday topic this week is “Capable,” and I immediately thought of a lowly ant, powerful enough to lift 50 times his own weight with his mandible alone. Thats some pure Jaw Power! Well, my ant in my illustration does not really even use his powerful mandible, and yet he lifts a banjo playing pig with relative ease. Whilst playing the ole banjo himself! I submitted this one to Guy Francis and Stacy Curtis' “Banjo Pig Blog” site. so, we'll see if he qualifies.
Time will tell. Speaking of time, I promise I won't wait sooo long to post next time!


  1. There ya go! It's always helpful to find an illustration that will do double-duty. Also neat to see the circle in the green there for the Looney Toons opening. Heh!

  2. I know its the ant that is the capable one here, but I love the pig!!