Thursday, November 10, 2011


Another Illustration Friday. A young(er) Bill Murray, back in the day, in the movie by the theme's name: ”Stripes.” I wanted this to be much more conceptual, but, alas, had to just do what I could while on deadlines with work stuff. I have, however, wanted to start doing regular caricatures to post, so, maybe this could be the first. What do you think? Anyone interested in seeing some of my closet caricature skills?


  1. "We're mutts! Here's proof: his nose is cold!" That's the bit that always comes to mind. That whole sequence is the best part, and their later bumbling in the big army vehicle is a letdown. Alas!

    Not a bad caricature! You could post a new one weekly, and try to fit the IF theme into each one. It would be like a double challenge. ;D

  2. Thanks, Cindy. Good idea about the "two stones for one bird!"