Monday, April 25, 2011

Bar-B-Q Bike?

"Bicycle" is this week's Illustration Friday theme. And since I've wanted to contribute to the Guy Francis and Stacy Curtis' "Banjo Pig" blog for quite a while now, I decide to kill two pigs with one bicycle. I mean two birds with one... never mind.
Still trying to experiment with Brushes and other painting apps on the iPad. This was almost entirely created with Brushes.
I am tending to prefer Brushes mainly for its ability to "re-create" the file on my computer at much higher resolution using their companion app "Brushes Viewer."
(Thanks to the guys at Banjo Pigs: for posting on their blog!)


  1. I love your piggies. I think I'll work on a banjo pig picture now!

  2. very cool illustration.
    great cahracters and technique.

  3. Great banjo pigs! I have a couple there too!