Thursday, February 10, 2011


So in a hurry was I to get out this week's Illustration Friday entry, I combined my "line" layer in ps with my "sketch" layer. Ooops. I hope it's not noticeable in the final version. Don't think it tiz. Since I was almost two weeks behind (again,) I almost combined the one before (surrender) with this week's "reverse." But, somehow I cam up with a "push-me-pull-you" riding a skateboard. The second sketch
I worked on, I used the new Sharpie brand "liquid pencil." Not sure I like it that much so, far. It smeared the gunky stuff on my hands, and although, it erased even easier than a pencil from my paper, it wasn't so forgiving on my table and hand. Strange. Oh well, another in my huge pen collection.


  1. Your lines and shading are great.

  2. I am a huge fan of pen/ink work and Sharpies, especially. I love the looseness in your lines and the color play. Great take on the theme.

  3. Thanks, Andy and Jennifer.
    Sometimes the best thing is to have a tight deadline, be a bit rushed.
    Keeps things Loose! I am also learning to trust myself even more doing the
    Illo Friday, because usually, I don't have time to over- think it!