Monday, November 1, 2010

Ever felt “S p e n t ?”

That's “Ess-Pee-EE-Eun-Tee” for all you fellow Southerners.
That’s DOG tired!
Anyway, Illustration Friday (on a Monday for me this week) posted the theme “spent,” sent in by Misterhow. I’m glad I had the chance to ruminate on this one, because I liked how it turned out. My first thought was something involving a man, shopping with his wife in the middle of the Holiday season. Then, after I completed this instead, I realized that this is probably more spot on. Whereby I am represented by the dog. I digress. More than likely it was a subconscious depiction of how I felt the other day after an early season allergy-sinus-nasal-event-thing. Ugh. Hope ya like it!


  1. Hilarious!! So much expression in both your characters.

  2. Hey Charles! Great one! I'm with you.... I relate more to the dog lately ;o) Love the color tone!

  3. @Sissy, Thanks very much.
    @Jack, I guess the shopping season is getting closer!
    Fortunately, wife is realizing I just slow her down, so, is leaving
    me at home!